Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spiritual Lobotomy

Imagine now, a spiritual lobotomy
There is only body, I know
We are physical machines!
But still there in the bottle
A tiny little pill like a seed
Was supposed to save me
Blossom bloom in my insides
Take away ALL the bad
Leaving me somehow whole/or/Leaving me whole, somehow
Better than it was before

Imagine now, a hole somewhere
You can’t see it only feel it/or/It can’t be seen only felt
Like fumbling around the dark (don’t like this line but will leave it in for now)
Trying to find something that’s gone
How do you explain losing your soul
Or the walking dead, to be nothing.
To go from feeling everything, anything
To nothing, nothing, nothing.

My greatest fear is tiny pill
That could rewrite my blueprints
To make the building stand on its own
But takes away its character
The ivy that are pulling down the fa├žade
But give life to cold dying grey stone.


the spots that contain /or/ that means I wrote all alternate liine. So its between those two lines what ends up in the final product. I really like this. Just need to up the passion I think in it. Also need to just edit it through, I think I can add more imagery and poetic stuff. Who knows? Do you? That would imply I have readers.

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