Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life: A Response

Life is physical it is brutal it is short. It is fucking ugly. We’re organs, rotting food, shit, contained by bone, controlled by nerves, wrapped in muscle, protected by our skin. We’re rotting meat essentially. We fucking smell. We’re disgusting really no matter how you try to pretty it up. Living is dying and falling apart at the seams. You see its not about it being half full or half empty. Nothing is black and white like that. That’s life. It’s on one hand a beautiful thing, but how do console that with all the misery in it. How do you bridge the gap between the kid that’s bullied and beat up on the playground everyday and the beautiful life you may live? It may be about perspective but how the fuck do you tell that to the kid that’s getting the shit kicked out of him? Is that just about the way he looks at it? Okay maybe he’s just looking at it wrong right. That’s the thing I can’t reconcile with the simple life is beautiful thing. Maybe its just people are completely fucked. Maybe if we just cut out the human condition from the whole life thing I can agree that it’s beautiful and sweet and harmonious or whatever happy tag line you want to give it. You take out the human element and you get rid of hate, war, greed, and all the assholes.

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