Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Poem #6: Writing

Writing is a bottle of whiskey. Writing is an excuse to not have to talk and experience people. Writing is me. Writing is having my words sound better in my head then they do on paper. Writing is giving voice to those at the margins of society that don’t have a voice. Writing is simply sitting alone in my basement @ 3:40 am putting one word after another word and breaking them up with occasional punctuation. Writing is lonely work. Writing is masturbating. Writing is getting into trouble sometimes. Writing is having a muse even though I don’t need one. Writing always inevitably involves a girl somehow, at least the good writing. Writing is about making sacrifices. Writing just is. Writing is about not having a choice. Writing is an excuse to get drunk.

* I hope this sums up writing to me in the moment. Its complicated. Most things are complicated. And it doesn't matter because I'm writing these for myself. Doesn't seem like anyone else is reading them.

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