Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekly Poem 4: Untitled (Blood?)

No Title

I’m bleeding like its that time of the month
Along the knuckle of my ring finger
My left nostril
Along my ankle
A mosquito bite on my thigh
My earlobe

Too many nerves, it could be worse
At least I’m sleeping now

Or my knuckles could be cracked
Or a lump on the head
Or I’d be drunk already
Or I’d be making threats

Just a poem written in the moment

Thank you, thank you, thank you
You probably don’t know why

*I just realized after reading the previous three entries that I actually like what I've written. And I think I'm going to cannibalize them and use them in other poems. As a reminder I've been writing this ussually the day I post them here. Sometimes if I'm on a roll I'll write more than one, so I have other ones lying around on the old memory stick. Maybe when I have enough or I get good enough at it I'll go bi-weekly.

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